Verbatim launches world’s first commercially available, colour tunable OLED lighting


Verbatim demonstrated the creativity and beauty of colour tunable and white tone tunable OLED panels, thought to be the world’s largest at approximately 14cm x 14cm*. Its display, created by lighting designer Satoshi Uchihara, was located in the Design Library srl, Via Savona 11, 20144 Milan.   

OLEDThe large surfaces of Verbatim OLEDs, branded VELVE, produce a soft light, free from glare and with deeply saturated colours. The OLEDs, which do not contain hazardous materials, are very efficient, producing 28 lumens per Watt output at 1000 cd/m2 with accurate colour rendering (high CRI).  Colour tuning and white tone tuning allow the mood of a space to be varied to suit its function at the time. For example, it may be changed from a workspace requiring bright, cool light, to a place of relaxation with warm, subdued lighting.

The panels are designed for general lighting, furniture lighting and other applications. Verbatim sells the OLEDs directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in these sectors.

To simplify development work, Verbatim offers two products. A sample kit for lighting engineers and development engineers contains an OLED that can be connected directly to the mains. It can be used to evaluate seven pre-programmed saturated colours, white tone tunability and a dimming function. The second product is an OLED module with a printed circuit board that provides an industry-standard DMX interface for RGB colour conotrol and a DALI interface for white tunability.

Both development products, the OLED module with interface board and the sample kit are available now, direct from Verbatim.


* Based on Verbatim market research as of 31st January 2011.

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About Verbatim
Since 1969, Verbatim has been shaping the development of data storage technology - from Floppy Disks and Magneto-Optical storage media, CD and DVD formats to the latest High Definition media Blu-ray.  Moreover, Verbatim offers high quality products in the field of Portable USB Drives, Flash Memory Cards, SSD and External Hard Drives in 4,57cm (1,8") Pocket, 6,35cm (2,5") Portable and 8,89cm (3,5") Desktop-Format as well as a broad variety of computer Accessories. Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and benefits from the outstanding research and development department. With these innovations Verbatim has played a key role in shaping the storage media market.  Ultra-strict quality controls during the manufacturing process ensure the high quality of Verbatim's products, which have been the winners of numerous international comparative tests.  The company is the worldwide market leader for Optical Media.  For more information, please visit

Since 2010 Verbatim has also started to participate on the global lighting energy-efficiant LED/OLED lighting market, based on core technologies provided by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

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