Four new mice on the loose


Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse
Designed for use with laptops the Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse is ideal to use at home or on the move. The USB receiver connects conveniently to the underside of the mouse during transport to help prevent it from getting lost. As with the other mice in the series, the Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse features three different speed settings up to 1,600 dpi for the user’s preferred cursor sensitivity, as well as three individually adjustable buttons that can be programmed to perform favourite functions with just a single click. Depending on whether the user prefers pixel-accurate control during photo editing or lightning-fast manoeuvres in gaming applications, the exact cursor sensitivity can be selected from the 800, 1,200 and 1,600 dpi settings. DPI button lights up lights up on battery insertion and intensity denotes the three settings available: Bright: 1,600 dpi; Dimmed: 1,200 dpi; or No light: 800 dpi

Wireless Bluetooth® Laser Notebook Mouse
Developed especially for MacBooks and laptops the Bluetooth Laser Notebook Mouse  is ideal for mobile.. The Bluetooth connection is quick to set up, and enables photos to be edited with pixel accuracy or lightning-fast manoeuvres to be carried out in gaming applications.  The Bluetooth Laser Notebook Mouse features variable sensitivity settings, which can be used to control the cursor speed at the press of a button.

Wireless Laser Desktop Mouse with Docking Station
Verbatim’s  Wireless Laser Desktop Mouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables precise movement control thanks to a high-resolution laser sensor. A docking station included with this mouse serves as a charging station, thus saving battery power.   Connected via USB port it is ready for immediate use,, offering precise movement for any application.

Laser Desktop Mouse
Comfort and user friendliness are the main attributes of  the Laser Desktop Mouse. The textured surface provides for excellent grip and the three programmable buttons can be used to carry out key functions with just a single click. The scroll wheel can also be used as a button and there are two further buttons on the side. Just a touch is all that’s needed to change the speed of the Laser Desktop Mouse to suit the user’s needs.

All the mice come with a software CD and a Quick Start Guide. 

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